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Huron County Republicans to discuss the Ohio Speaker of the House

Updated: Jan 25

Last week, Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill) was voted in as Speaker of the House in the Ohio House of Representatives. This was done with 21 other Republican votes plus all Democrats. 43 Republicans voted for Derek Merrin, the lawmaker originally chosen by House Republicans as their leader this past November. Two Republican representatives were not present at the vote. The choice came as a surprise to many, including the Republicans who supported Merrin. In response to this event, the Ohio Republican Party voted to censure all 22 Republican representatives who voted for Stephens. In further escalation, Derek Merrin has announced that he is the leader of the Ohio House Republicans despite losing the speakership and will still push for a constitutional amendment to the pass threshold to citizen led ballot initiatives.

The special impact this has on Huron County is the split between its two representatives. Representative Stein supported Merrin while Representative Swearingen voted for Stephens. Chairman Brady has requested both representatives come to the meeting this Thursday to discuss the matter.

The meeting is 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 19th at the Milestone Event Center in Norwalk.

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